Context of the book “the trap of ace.”

by Lavinia

Seven years ago, Emerald Hutton moved to New York to study in high school, leaving behind her family and friends. She takes this opportunity as an escape route to avoid her brother’s best friend. Achilles Valencian, her brother’s best friend, is the main reason her heart shattered into a million pieces. She had been in love with him at the age of seven. But, after moving to New York, she buries all the memories of betrayal in the deepest corner of her heart.

On the other hand, Achilles Valencian turns into a stone-hearted billionaire that everyone fears. All this time, the only thing that keeps him sane is the love of Emerald Hutton. The story starts when Emerald returns to her hometown after seven years. Achilles plays a game to claim her and her passion. He clearly knows how to get what he wants. Now, the decision is totally up to Emerald. Whether she will surrender to the tactics of the devil billionaire or find her way out of his trap, Eva Zahan has beautifully described the love story of Emerald and Achilles in the book “the trap of ace.”

Chapter 1:

In chapter 1, Emerald decides to confess her feelings for her brother’s best friend. She gets ready for the nineteenth birthday of her twin brother and sister. Emerald dresses in a short and tight dress with heavy makeup, just like her sister Tess to please Achilles. She enters the party and meets her mom and dad. But her eyes constantly look for a glimpse of Achilles. Suddenly, she stumbles back and bumps into his hard chest.

Chapter 2:

Achilles frowns at the bold appearance of the Emerald and moves away. He turned into a cold and angry person after a tragedy in his family a year ago. But, he was always kind and soft to Emerald. She gets worried that he doesn’t like her new look. She immediately goes to the room to change into a large white gown that her dad bought her. After changing, she again looks for Achilles. But Tess stops her on her way. She tells Emerald that she should not confess her feelings to Achilles and embarrass herself. But Emerald does not listen to her as she has already decided. She goes to Achilles and asks him to play chess with her tonight in the library. She decides to use this opportunity to confess her feelings to Achilles. She waits, but Achilles does not come. Then, she decides to go and check on him. But what she sees next shocks her to the core. The view of Tess and Achilles wrapped around each other, kissing and moaning, shatters her heart to many pieces.

Chapter 3:

After seven years, Emerald steps again into her hometown with her boyfriend, warner. Her family welcomes her happily. Her parents become so happy to see her boyfriend. Emerald was also pleased with warner, but she could not reciprocate his love. When she meets her sister, the painful memories of the past hit her heart again. Her sister tells everyone that Achilles proposed to her last night. To know how Emerald will cope with this painful situation, read the complete novel “The Trap of Ace.”

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