Kayaking Guide for Beginners - Tips and Tricks

Kayaking Guide for Beginners - Tips and Tricks

Kayaking is an amazing adventure and fun game for those who love to see the beauty of water. Kayaking is basically a fun and sports-like activity where you use a specific boat kayak and travel in the water by paddling yourself.

The kayak comes from Greenlandic word qajaq & it’s a small, low-to-top, narrowboat that moves by using a double bladder paddle. If you are interested in trying kayaking, you need to know a few tips and factors for a safe and joyful experience.

This article will provide some fundamental tips that usually don’t seem necessary to a beginner. However, you might be in trouble by skipping them. Before jumping straight into the tips, let’s check how many types of kayaking you have to choose from.

Types of Kayaking

The basic principle of kayaking is the same but based on different styles adopted by people; kayaking is now known by other names. A few of them are; the sea, white water, surfing, & touring. So, before starting your journey, it would be helpful to check different styles.

What to Bring on Kayaking?

Just like any other trip or adventure, you should also follow the checklist for kayaking. And here are the items;

  • Kayak
  • Paddle
  • Waterproof bag
  • Safety gears
  • Hat, sunglasses, whistle
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Bilge pump & paddle leash

These are just the basic things to notice. We will discuss them later.

Kayaking Tips for Beginners

1. Get A Lesson

If you are entirely new to water activity or boating, you should attend a lecture or watch some kayaking videos. This activity seems to be very easy, but actually, it’s not. So, learning some basics would be better to head off.

2. Proper Dressing

The first rule for water activities is to wear accordingly. Wear a waterproof dress or at least a complete dress rather than shorts.

3. Don’t Forget the Life Jacket/ Buoyancy Aid.

Safety comes first, no matter how expert you are in swimming. Make sure to wear the buoyancy or life jackets to keep you safe in case of fall.

4. Choose the Right Kayak

Kayaks are available in different types and quality. Carefully choose the right and good-quality boat to enjoy your adventure fully. If you are going with your partner, select kayak 2 person rather than having 2 separate.

5. Wear the Protective Gear

While kayaking, there are a few basic things that you should wear in order to protect you from the harsh sun. Don’t forget to apply sun cream, hat, and gloves. The gloves will keep your hands safe from bruises.

6. Sit Properly – Adjustment of Seats is Important

Before sitting on a kayak, you should set the seat according to your comfort level, as everyone has their adjustments. Being comfortable in your seat will help you enjoy the journey without getting tired.

7. Hold the Paddles Properly

The usage of paddles in a kayak is a bit different than in other boats. Before starting the job, learn how to hold the paddles properly. As holding those in the wrong position will take a lot of your energy, you will mess up everything.

8. Learn to Deal with Risks

Adventures always come up with some risks and mess. So, it’s important to consider all the possible risks and deal with them in case of an emergency.


Kayaking will be an amazing lifetime experience for you if you will try it for the first time. However, being an amateur, you have to know its basics. Here we have described the important details of kayaking that will help you in your boating.