What Features Do Advanced Vape Kits Offer?

What Features Do Advanced Vape Kits Offer?

When you start vaping, it usually happens with smaller devices with a lower power to cater to beginners. However, as you get used to the process and become more comfortable with vaping, you might think of moving on to more powerful vaping mechanisms.

This is where advanced vaping kits come in, like those you can find on vaporesso's page. Advanced vaping kits are more powerful with better inhalation and cloud creation. If you are ready to take things to the next level of electrifying, keep reading about the advanced vaping kits' features.

How Portable Are Advanced Vape Kits?

One of the best features of beginner vapes is that they come in compact sizes and in the shape of pens which you can carry anywhere. So, their portability is high. When switching to an advanced vape kit, you may wonder whether it matches the beginner vapes' portability.

Most of the advanced vape systems are larger than beginner ones. This is because the higher power in the vape requires multiple batteries. However, the sizing situation is different in Vaporesso’s advanced vape kits.

Vaporesso has advanced compact kits with high-powered batteries fitting right in the small size. You can easily carry it anywhere.

Other Features of Advanced Vaping Kits

Given that advanced vaping kits deliver more powerful punches, here are some standout features to look forward to.

Battery And Power Range

Advanced vaping kits have more power because they have a better battery range. In beginner vapes, you will see a single battery is used as smaller pens do not need stronger batteries. Advanced vape kits usually have double battery packs or multiple single batteries.

This is because these kits deliver stronger punches and flavors. The battery power usually exceeds 1000 mAH, even for the smallest advanced kits. So, you can be assured of getting a solid hit of nicotine when drawing in the vape.


The advanced vape kits have leak-proof coverage that does not break easily. Given that you need to put a vaping liquid in the device, these kits mustn't break or leak the fluid, or you could waste most of your hits.

Better Design

In the previous and beginner kits, dry hits are a big issue that creates a harsh, burning feeling in the throat. This happens when the cotton wick, which is supposed to be wet, becomes dry. You need the e-liquid to keep the wick cool and moist.

In advanced vaping kits, the designs are made for the future, keeping the issues in the simpler kits in mind. Advanced kits have a wick hole at the side of the atomizer coil, which ensures that the cotton wick always remains cool and wet so you can get the best hit.

Power Settings

Advanced kits also offer the ability to set a power range. When you start taking the hit, you are on the high-power setting, which ensures the perfect puff, but the power gradually decreases after a while to keep you from getting the dry hit. With these varying power settings, you can get the right puff while keeping the bad stuff away.


Advanced kits are made with more beneficial features for vaping experts. If you have become at home with the vaping device, advanced kits can undoubtedly give you the ultimate pleasure without having to touch a cigarette. Advanced kits are designed better, have potent liquids, more batteries, and just the correct sizes. With these, you can take the next step into vaping.