Why Do You Need A Hand Held Shower Hose?

Why Do You Need A Hand Held Shower Hose?

One of the ways to stay healthy is to have regular baths. It helps remove dirt and harmful microbes that may have accumulated on the surface of the skin. As a necessary process, bathrooms are designed in our homes as a place of privacy to get a thorough body cleanse.

Bathrooms have come a long way in human history. They have been redesigned to enhance comfort and improve functionality. Traditional showers were needed to have a hands-free delivery of water while showering. As comforting as that was, it soon resulted in water wastages. Getting water bills at the end of the month was no longer a joke. Then came the era of a hand held shower hose.

Installing a hand held shower hose in your bathroom comes with numerous benefits. Aside from making the whole showering process become much easier for you, hand held shower hoses help wash targeted areas of your body perfectly.

What is a handheld shower hose?

A hand held shower hose is a bathroom item that provides significant flexibility to users than regular shower hoses. When you compare it to traditional showerhoses, you will discover that a handheld shower hose is much better for most people, as it can be moved in different directions.

Why you should install handheld shower hose?

Understandably, not everyone will see the need to install these hand held shower hoses in their bathrooms. However, when you experience the ease and comfort it provides, it's only a matter of time before you'll consider installing one.

Gives you better control over the water

Taking a shower under traditional, fixed showerheads gives you limited control over the direction of the water flow. On the other hand, a hand held shower hose allows for maximum flexibility to control the direction and what area of your body to use it on.

Makes bathing easier and fun

Installing a handheld shower head is one of the best ways to make the showering experience much more fun and easy. If you have kids who naturally don't enjoy showering, a hand held shower hose would be more attractive and can make the experience worthwhile for them.

Safe to use for seniors

Seniors can easily use handheld shower hoses for bathing. It is mostly recommended for seniors who find it difficult to stand long in a regular shower. This way, they can choose to sit and not be overwhelmed with the pressure from staying directly under a traditional shower.

Has some special features that will not be found in fixed showers

Handheld Shower hoses are specially made with fascinating features to give users the best experience. Water pressure and speed can be controlled easily. Some hand held shower hoses even come with smart features.

How does a shower hose work?

Shower hoses are used to link the water flow from the main body of the shower to the hose head. This connection enables a steady flow of water to the shower head connected to the other end of the hose. Shower hoses are often made in different sizes and lengths using different unique materials.


A hand held shower hose gives you a fascinating showering experience. It is an amazing bathroom item that can greatly improve the showering experience. As a simple design, it is easy to install and use. It has grown in popularity, especially among modern bathrooms because of its benefits. The post helps clear all doubt about what hand held shower hoses are and the benefits they give.